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Digital Photo Prints: An Excellent Choice for Home Décor

July 12, 2016 12:05 pm

Looking for inspiration for your next home decoration project? If so, you might want to consider using photo prints you have taken with your camera, blowing them up, and framing them. It’s becoming a lot more popular these days, for a variety of reasons. We’re going to spend today’s post going through some of the many benefits of taking your snaps and using them to decorate your home. Let’s take a closer look.


In years gone by, the only way to take sharp, high pixel photos suitable for blowing up as prints was with an expensive camera. These days, though, it is a far more affordable hobby. The price of high-quality cameras has tumbled in the past decade or so. And, of course, even the smartphones we use have excellent, high definition lenses that we can use for good shots.

Something different

Only a decade or so ago, if households wanted prints that were distinct from the norm, they would have to pay for them. And, it’s fair to say that snaps by professional photographers never came cheap. The only alternative was to buy manufactured prints, which often meant lots of households hanging up the same pictures. So, taking your photos and hanging them up instead gives you something different right away. Those shots are unique to you and your family – no one else will have them.


Hanging your digital photo prints also helps you display your personality in your home. You might have pictures of an old vacation favorite, for example, or perhaps the town where you grew up. Your home can become a place where you memories are with you at all times, instead of stored away in a traditional album. It also gives you a chance to have more control over the colors and imagery you want to be dotted around the home. Nature lovers, for example, can take shots of their favorite walking spots, or landscapes. Again, it’s unique to you and your family – so get out there and start snapping!


It’s never been cheaper to take your shots, blow them up and display them on your walls. We’ve already spoken about the cost of cameras or buying prints from the pros. So, there are plenty of savings to make, such as using photography paper to print out your digital shots. Even taking a memory card to a professional printer is cheap in comparison to buying a professional shot.


Don’t forget; you don’t have to use photo paper to display your favorite shots. Canvas is an attractive alternative, and, again, it’s cheaper than you might think. You can also go wild with other ideas – even printing your photos onto lampshade material. Your home, in fact, can become your canvas. You can even try and make your own frames, with a little DIY skill. A simple family shot of a beach vacation, for example, can look great stuck inside of a frame created from thin strips of driftwood.

As you can see, there are plenty of benefits of using your photography to decorate your home. Get out there and see what you can come up with!