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Custom Lightboxes Create Dynamic Displays

February 26, 2015 5:44 pm

Prominent features in commercial advertising, such as posters in movie theaters, lightboxes are highly effective tools because of their visibility and size. That technology has found its way into the photography and art sectors as visual artists use custom LED lightboxes for unique displays. The inserted images are backlit or edge-lit, which creates a dynamic, eye-catching and vibrant effect.

Benefits of LED lightboxes

LED lightboxes offer many benefits and advantages over lightboxes that use fluorescent tubes, which are bulky, prone to damage, and add significant weight to the frame. LED lightboxes are thinner, lighter, more energy-efficient, and lower maintenance. It’s also easier to switch out images with LED lightboxes because they are either side-lit or backlit. LED lightboxes are self-contained and available with internal or external power supplies so that all people see are the images and not cumbersome electrical elements. When artists use LED lightboxes to display their images, they gain instant attention and recognition.

Stunning illumination

With an LED lightbox, the light is built in, which means that the ambient lighting where they’re on display doesn’t affect the visibility of the image. Backlit means that the light comes from behind and the effect is similar to that of a computer monitor.  Backlighting the image with LEDs creates uniform light that is gallery quality, has a cinematic feel, and makes any colors in the image pulsate with life and vibrancy. Edge lighting also enable the creation of a thin, light box because the light source is at the edge of the print and not behind it. With the new acrylic materials in use, when light originates at the edge of the Plexiglas, it diffuses beautifully all the way through the box.

Adding dimension to images

With traditional frame or gallery lighting, photographs or artwork are lit up from external light sources such as track lighting and/or spotlights. By placing those images within a lightbox, the work reveals itself in vivid detail. LED lightboxes uncover the colors, highlights, shadows and textures of the piece, creating such depth the images almost appear three-dimensional. Custom lightboxes created for photographer and artist applications have a more refined, sophisticated appearance than those intended for commercial use. Placing an image within an LED lightbox transforms it into an unmistakable piece of fine art suitable for use in interior design and gallery exhibits.

Baboo Digital now offers custom LED lightboxes specifically designed to suit the needs of our customers. The bright, even illumination and thin, lightweight profile of LED lightboxes ensure that they’re an ideal fit for an endless variety of display applications. Discover how these aesthetically pleasing displays can enhance the quality of your work by contacting us today.

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