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Why You Should Consider Gatorboard Printing for Your Home or Business

August 14, 2017 8:00 am

Gatorboard consists of a rigid polystyrene foam core that is sandwiched between two wood fiber veneers. In Gatorboard printing, the image is printed on one of the pieces of veneer. Gatorboard mounting is very similar to foamcore mounting but has qualities that make it a more permanent solution for image printing.

Features of Gatorboard

Since Gatorboard features resin-infused wood fiber veneers (instead of paper, like foamboard), it is moisture and stain resistant. It can also be easily wiped clean with a damp towel and then wiped dry. Gatorboard is available in two widths – ¼” and ½” – for versatility according to the intended use. Images mounted onto Gatorboard can be in full-color or black and white, depending on your needs. Finally, Gatorboard offers a similar lightweight feature to that of foamcore, making it one of the most practical and versatile image mounting materials available. There are myriad applications for Gatorboard mounting that make it ideal for home and business use.

Gatorboard For Business Use

Gatorboard mounting offers a more permanent option for image printing, similar to lithographs, canvas printing, and other image printing methods. It’s ideal for businesses that want to display information and images for current and prospective customers in private offices, lobbies, reception areas and waiting rooms. Businesses like to use Gatorboard printing to show images depicting the products they sell, the outstanding employees who make the products, and even behind the scenes images of everything from manufacturing facilities, warehouses, to farms and foundries.

Companies also frequently make use of lightweight Gatorboard mounting to display motivating images and phrases for use in convention halls, hotel meeting rooms, and hotel lobbies. The look and feel of Gatorboard makes a professional impression on business event attendees, making it ideal for occasions involving customer conversion, employee retention, and recruiting events such as job fairs.

Finally, Gatorboard is often used by real estate agents for home staging. Gatorboard’s inexpensive, yet solid look yields positive results when impressive and attractive images are mounted on Gatorboard and hung temporarily during home showings. Again, Gatorboard’s lightweight feature makes it simple to transport to the home and mount without damaging walls.

Gatorboard For Home Use

Gatorboard is appropriate for many different home uses due to its impressive looks and versatility. For example, many people today have home offices. With Gatorboard mounting, the home office can be professionally decorated with custom printing in an easy-to-hang, lightweight material. Delicate home wallboard won’t be damaged when images are hung with Gatorboard mounting using appropriate hardware.

Another popular home use for Gatorboard printing is for personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and retirement parties. Special photographs can be digitized and enlarged for printing on Gatorboard. Since Gatorboard is a strong, yet lightweight material, the enlarged image can become a family keepsake, and still withstand the rigors of transport, storage and time.

Gatorboard is particularly popular with modern art enthusiasts who eschew the traditional picture and frame for the clean lines and modern aesthetic that Gatorboard mounting offers. Gatorboard lends itself well to abstract and neo-modernism art.

There are likely many ways that you can make use of Gatorboard printing for your home or business. Call today and allow Baboo Digital to help you solve your image printing needs.

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