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Cold Weather Camera Tips

December 3, 2013 2:19 pm

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about photographing outdoor subjects indoors to avoid the blistering cold of the winter. But sometimes it’s not possible to bring an outdoor object indoors, for obvious reasons.

For example:


Imagine bringing that indoors. First of all, it’s HUGE. Second of all, it doesn’t even EXIST!!

So, when you want to photograph in the blistering cold (below freezing temperatures) there are things to keep in mind, according to the Tamron Blog:

  • Pack extra fully charged batteries. To extend rechargeable battery life, keep them warm in your pocket rather than in your camera bag. When possible, non rechargeable lithiums or alkaline batteries are preferred and have better cold weather resistance (an adapter might be needed for SLR cameras).

  • Always travel and use rain covers. These keep cameras dry in the snow and sleet.

    rain cover tips for your camera during the cold season

  • Only change lenses outdoors when necessary. If possible go inside, or a sheltered area. If your equipment gets wet, dry as soon as possible.

  • Keep microfiber cloths handy for cleaning, and keep dry within plastic bags / containers. Plastic film containers work well for this. Also, know where your cards are stored. Use a waterproof card case to keep cards dry if they ever are dropped into the snow. Brightly colored cases are easier to find.

    camera tips for the cold weather

  • I prefer fingerless gloves for dexterity. Mittens can be worn over for warmth. Find a system that works best for you.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – When you are bringing your electronics back inside, warm them up slowly. Put your camera inside a sealed plastic bag, or I put my whole case inside a cooler. Place them in the coldest area inside to warm equipment up slowly. This minimizes the risk for condensation and shock to the new environment.

    most important camera tip during the cold season

Do you have any tips for shooting in the cold? Let us know in the comments!!