How to Make Giclee Prints

how to make giclee prints

If you’ve ever considered printing fine art prints, you’re sure to come across giclee prints as an option. Giclee printing is a printing process in which pigment-based inks are squirted onto the medium of choice. If you’ve seen a giclee print in person, you know that their beauty and brilliance set the standard for fine art high. After admiring such … Read More

Understanding Prints: Giclee Print vs Art Print

giclee print vs art print

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional, you know that your work shines the best once it is printed. Your best work deserves to be on a wall – not just tucked away on a hard drive. However, choosing how to print your images isn’t always so simple. After all, there are many options for printing your … Read More

How Does Digital Printing Work?

how does digital printing work

Whether you are a professional photographer or a casual artist or an artist submitting art pieces to a show, you understand the importance of a well-made print. For photographers especially, printing your images helps your work be seen by many (as opposed to just being stored on a client’s hard drive). Artists and photographers want their masterpieces adorning walls and … Read More

Utilizing Digital Printing For Trade Shows

digital printing for trade shows

For anyone who has ever attended a trade show, it’s easy to see which booths and vendors are popular: those are the booths attracting large crowds of people. Although the trade shows can vary from tech expos to flower and garden trade shows, the most attractive (aka popular) booths have one thing in common: alluring displays that both catch onlookers’ … Read More

How Do Professional Photographers Print Their Pictures?

professional photographer print pictures

Are you interested in taking your photography skills to the next level? If you feel that you have an eye for photography, or the skills to turn your passion into a business, you’ll need to find a way to reproduce your original work for resale to the public. In the past, photographers had their own darkrooms, or they used the … Read More

Fine Art Scanning Serves the Art World

fine art scanning

Artists and art aficionados understand that fine art carries an inherent depth of color and tone, which is difficult to duplicate, even with high-resolution cameras. There is often need to replicate fine art in a digital form to a high-quality standard. Baboo Digital offers fine art scanning services for artists and professionals in the art world. Digital Scanning Services For … Read More

The Benefits of Giclee on Canvas Printing

giclee on canvas

Giclée (pronounced Zee-clay), is a term that references the method of printing. In French, gicleur translates to “nozzle.” So the verb tense, gicler, translates to “spray.” What is Giclee Printing? Giclee printing is a process that uses nozzle printing technology in tandem with special pigments that are resistant to fading. Specifically, archival inks and substrates are used in giclee printing. … Read More

The Many Benefits of Fine Art Printing for Photographers

fine art printing for photographers

Both professional and amateur photographers can benefit from fine art printing services offered by Baboo Digital. The images you take deserves to be shared and viewed by as many people as possible. Explore the many benefits of fine art printing for photographers. Longevity Standard paper and canvas materials don’t offer the longevity that your photographic masterpieces deserve. Over time, images … Read More

The Many Different Scenarios to Use Foamcore Mounting

foamcore printing

Foamcore mounting is the process of affixing printed images onto foamcore. Foamcore is a material that is comprised of a polystyrene board pressed between two paper liners. One side of the board displays the image. Due to its material, foamcore is prized for being very lightweight. It also has high tensile strength, which makes it very rigid and helps protect … Read More

Why You Should Consider Gatorboard Printing for Your Home or Business

gatorboard printing

Gatorboard consists of a rigid polystyrene foam core that is sandwiched between two wood fiber veneers. In Gatorboard printing, the image is printed on one of the pieces of veneer. Gatorboard mounting is very similar to foamcore mounting but has qualities that make it a more permanent solution for image printing. Features of Gatorboard Since Gatorboard features resin-infused wood fiber … Read More