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Banish Winter Blues with Spring Photography Inspiration

February 23, 2016 10:45 am

February is the shortest month of the year but as winter continues to hold on, it can feel like the longest month as everyone waits for spring. A great way to beat the winter blues is to start looking ahead to spring photography opportunities and planning future shoots. Winter may feel like it’s going to last forever sometimes, but spring passes far too quickly so finding inspiration now through stunning spring images gives you the perfect early start to another breathtaking change of seasons.

Spring is a time of renewal when nature wakes up from hibernation and returns to life. Flowers, trees and entire landscapes bloom with vivid, bright and beautiful colors in combinations beyond human imagination. With all the amazing sights of spring, it can be hard to choose what to photograph. The photos in the following gallery can refresh your inspiration, give you new ideas and show you ways to experiment with angles, color and light to create your own unique spring images.

Many consider spring the most inspirational season and capturing its beauty in photographs not only creates stunning images, it can also inspire other artistic areas such as painting and graphic design. Artists including photographers tend to dabble in more than one form of visual expression. If you’re one of those photographers then you know that the images you take can influence your entire perspective on the world and your art.

Explore the flourishing beauty of blooming flowers, the warmth of the sun and the unmistakable power of a spring storm in these amazing images. Soon you’ll forget the dreary of winter as you prepare for the vibrancy of spring. When spring arrives and you’ve captured it in your own unique way, bring your images to Baboo Digital for unique display options including metal prints, Giclee prints and custom framing.

Featured image by LadyDragonflyCC




Rain sweeps in by Bitterroot

Image by Bitterroot


from a spring walk in central park by Teri Tynes

Image by Teri Tynes