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Baboo Yelp Review: “100% Satisfied”

January 2, 2014 12:27 pm

Another great Yelp review for Baboo Digital:

baboo-digital-yelp-review-100-percent-satisfiedI am a photographer and have exhibited my work from NYC to Montauk. I sell large format plexiglass photos. I’ve used a couple of companies in NYC/Long island area but have stuck with Baboo for two years now. Despite what some of the reviews say, I’ve only had great experiences and results from Baboo. The quality of the materials I find to be excellent. The quality of the staff is great too. When I needed additional work done on any of my pieces, I was able to sit with Neil or Joe and they helped. When I needed a photo to be rushed, they got the job done, Never have I had a problem at Baboo and I feel 100% satisfied after each project that they work on. Their gallery events are a great way to advertise your work too, Very pleased with Baboo.

Thanks so much, Jon!!

A note about this post

Yelp does this thing where it filters reviews, meaning, it doesn’t show you all of them. They have a computer algorithm that decides which reviews are most helpful to people looking for services, and in our opinion, it’s not very accurate at all. At the time of this post, they are showing 12 reviews (only two of which are positive). But there are 50 reviews in the filter (not being shown!!) and 44 OF THEM ARE POSITIVE!! So, we’re going to feature the reviews that we know are from real, happy clients of ours, because we don’t think it’s fair that Yelp is making us look bad. =)