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Baboo Digital Yelp Review: “true artisanship”

December 19, 2013 12:08 pm

A great Yelp review for Baboo:


I was recommended to Baboo by a rep in a photo gallery. They had large prints that were exquisite. Since then I have sent them 10 prints to plow up at least 3 x 4 feet and had them printed on metallic paper and mounted on acrylic.  Each and every one came out beautifully. The quality of the prints and the way it was mounted shows true artisanship. I would definitely recommend them for these large prints. They have also been very helpful with customer service.

Thanks, Brian!!

A note about this post

Yelp does this thing where it filters reviews, meaning, it doesn’t show you all of them. They have a computer algorithm that decides which reviews are most helpful to people looking for services, and in our opinion, it’s not very accurate at all. At the time of this post, they are showing 12 reviews (only two of which are positive). But there are 50 reviews in the filter (not being shown!!) and 44 OF THEM ARE POSITIVE!! So, we’re going to feature the reviews that we know are from real, happy clients of ours, because we don’t think it’s fair that Yelp is making us look bad. =)