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Amazing Benefits of Canvas Pictures (Canvas Wraps)

May 15, 2017 10:59 am

Being able to capture beautiful images with your digital camera is wonderful. The latest cell phone and iPad cameras can produce remarkable results. These devices are also able to store hundreds or even thousands of images for showing to friends and relatives.

But there are times when a digital viewing doesn’t truly do justice to the images you took. It’s easy to quickly flip through a batch of digital pictures you took at your child’s first birthday party, or on your grandparent’s anniversary. But some treasured moments deserve to be memorialized with more than a digital image posted on a social media page, or even printed out and stuffed in a photo album.

How to Display the Important Moments of Your Life

Beautiful scenes and important moments of your life can best be displayed with the use of canvas printing. With pictures printed onto canvas, you can fully express the importance of the image and how that one moment captured in time fits in with your personality and your life. With canvas pictures, you have options for printing pictures from smaller sizes all the way up to the largest canvas sizes for prominent display in your home or business.

The Benefits of Canvas Pictures

1. Professional Look

Pictures printed on canvas automatically look much more professional than a simple photograph enlargement. The lack of sheen allows viewers to take in all the details of the image without interference from glare.

2. Display of Lifestyle or Image

When you display canvas pictures, you can make a clear statement about your lifestyle or business image. For example, if you’re passionate about sculpture, you could print on canvas one or more of your photographs from a sculpture tour in Europe. For business, you could hang canvas pictures in the lobby, so visiting clients get a clear sense of your company culture and values.

3. Enhanced Framing

Enlarged photographs tend to look better with minimalistic frames. When you frame a canvas picture, however, you can successfully utilize enhanced framing techniques that not only allow more freedom in design but also lend an artistic flare to the picture.

4. Gifting Opportunities

Canvas pictures allow for gifting opportunities that recipients will truly appreciate. A thoughtful gift of a treasured image printed onto canvas shows the recipient that you put a lot of care into choosing just the right gift for them.

5. Longevity and Durability

Photos printed onto canvas have more longevity and durability than images simply printed onto paper. When the image is treasured and special, it is very worthwhile to extend its life by having it printed onto canvas. That way, future generations will be able to enjoy the work as well.

6. Elevated Style

The artwork on canvas is an elevated style choice over the artwork on print. When you take a special image and make a choice to have it printed on canvas, you demonstrate a careful attention to the style details in your home or office.

All kinds of images are suitable for printing on canvas. For information about optimal file sizes and pricing, please contact us today.