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Advantages of Fine Art and Giclee Printing for Artists

When creating a painted masterpiece, it rarely fits within the normal boundaries of standard and desirable mounting and frame sizes. With digital printing, artists have a versatile avenue for reproducing their paintings in the sizes and on the surfaces their customers prefer. The technology of digital printing today, including giclee printing, allows an artist to produce limited edition prints of their paintings without sacrificing color or quality.

Understanding giclee and archival quality printing

Giclee prints represent a significant advancement in artwork and photograph reproduction. Giclee prints originate from a high-resolution digital scan, which prints with archival quality inks on a variety of surfaces including canvas, vinyl, and paper of different textures and weights. This process ensures high quality color accuracy and prints that are light-fast and not water-soluble.

Advantages for artists

Any artist who has ever struggled with having to ship an oversized painting to a client or a client telling them that the finished piece is too large knows that size matters. With giclee and fine art printing, the artist has their work printed out to whatever size and on whatever surface best accommodates the clients in their market. Artwork customization is just one of the advantages of fine art printing, other advantages include:

  • Colors identical to original piece that never run or fade
  • Work reproduced on-demand and in limited prints
  • Reasonable cost and minimal effort of reproduction when dealing with experienced digital printing companies (like Baboo)
  • Ability to catalog and archive best work
  • Archived digital scans never deteriorate
  • Aids in building professional artist portfolio

Along with fine art and giclee printing being advantageous for photographers and painters, it’s also a valuable tool for digital artists. Digital art is growing in popularity and fine art printing opens up more possibilities for these types of artists to display their creations beyond the limits of traditional color printers. By adding brush painting on prints of their digital creations, artists are producing work that transcends the boundaries of traditional visual mediums.

Giclee and fine art printing breathes new life into paintings, photography, and digital artwork. You can find gicliee and fine art prints on display in the NYC Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.

Creating museum quality printing is within reach for every type of visual artist with today’s digital printing technology. Baboo Digital has been at the forefront of the printing industry for 30+ years and we work with our clients to ensure exemplary results. Contact our specialists today to explore what fine art and giclee printing can do for your creations.

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