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Acrylic Photo Enlargements – NYC

March 13, 2014 11:03 am

Sure, you can upload your favorite photos to Instagram…

The one of your kid graduating, the one of you at the Lorde concert, the one of the family during the holidays…

Or you can be a big boy (or girl) and get an acrylic photo enlargement.

They are the contemporary versions of the canvas print, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

picture of an acrylic photo enlargement that you can get in nyc at baboo digital

As you can see, there’s essentially no “frame.” The acrylic (or plexiglass) acts sort of like a sandwich.

At Baboo Digital, we can enlarge your favorite photos and mount them on acrylic.

And they aren’t only for your favorite photos… They are really awesome for displaying marketing messages, logos, and artwork for your business.

Get in touch and let’s create an acrylic photo enlargement just for you. In NYC, Baboo Digital is your source for high-end printing and framing.



PS – We were just kidding about Instagram. We love it too…