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8 Tips for Natural Wedding Photography Poses

June 23, 2015 12:55 pm

It’s summer and the height of wedding season. Wedding portraits in studios aren’t as popular as they were a few decades ago and that’s fine as it has given way to the more creative ideas of today’s wedding photographers. If you’re considering venturing into the world of wedding photography, take some inspiration from these tips for capturing genuine emotions on a couple’s big day.

Almost kissing

Many of the movies based on Nicholas Sparks’ books have movie posters featuring couples almost kissing and based on how well that works for ticket sales, this type of pose is a great, romantic addition to any wedding photography album. The “almost kiss” is a neat trick that helps create a natural wedding pose. The bride and groom can kiss as much as they want off camera, but capture some real tension by asking them to move close enough to kiss without kissing. The photographs from this pose can become the favorites of the whole day, but make sure you let the couple kiss when you finish shooting to keep the romance alive.

The walk

Capturing the bride and groom in a natural looking pose can be as easy as telling them to go for a short walk. Ask them to walk away from you and suggest that they talk about whatever they like. After you’ve captured a few shots of their backs, ask them to come back so you can photograph them from the front. This little walk helps them be themselves and keeps you at the right distance so they feel relaxed and the shots look as natural as a walk in the park.

Give it a twirl

For brides that opt for a dress with any kind of skirt, encourage them to spin or twirl around to bring out their inner child, help them relax and capture some fun photographs. To capture the movement in your images, slow down the shutter speed.

bridal twirl by joolie

Photo by joolie

Groom details

Grooms can be especially nervous on their wedding day so capturing that natural, relaxed look may be challenging. When he’s getting ready, snap shots of him buttoning his jacket up, putting on his cufflinks and/or adjusting his tie or cummerbund. These actions make him look both masculine and natural and with some natural light from a nearby window, you can capture the perfect details.

Helping the groom

While you’re shooting the actions mentioned previously, have the groom’s father or best man get involved by helping the groom with his tie, boutonniere or even the lapels of his tuxedo jacket. Ask a groomsman to help the groom ensure his tie is straight and snap the moment for a natural pose.

Show their personalities

After the traditional shots with the groom and groomsmen, bride and bridesmaids and the whole group together, encourage them to loosen up and show their personality with some interesting poses they come up with on their own. With all the planning involved with the day and stress the wedding party has experienced, the chance to “goof off” in some pictures can create great shots, memories and laughter.

bridal party by Tommy Huynh

Photo by Tommy Huynh

Redirect their focus

That half second before a person focuses their vision on something is natural and free of the boundaries of self-consciousness so if you can capture it, it can be a money shot. To create this moment, ask the bride or groom to look away and then back at you and press the shutter at just the right moment to capture an unforgettable moment where they’re completely themselves.

Wield the power of a compliment

The best way to bring out the natural smile of all the beautiful women in the bridal party, including mothers, sisters, grandmothers and other relatives, is to give them a genuine compliment. It’s almost impossible not to smile when receiving a compliment and capturing that appreciative look on the bride’s face makes a great image. You can do this during the makeup session or at any point when you want to help the bride relax for the perfect profile shot.

With wedding season in full swing, these tips are the perfect tool to add to your gear bag. To ensure the highest quality prints of your wedding photography, come to Baboo Digital and explore their options for archive quality digital printing.

Featured image by Irina Patrascu Gheorghita