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7 Ways You Can Decorate Your Home With Art

February 27, 2017 8:00 am

Decorating your home typically divides people into one of two camps. If you are like some people, you absolutely love it and can’t wait to infuse your home with your personal style. Perhaps, though, the idea of decorating leaves you with a sense of dread at the thought of having to spend too much time, energy and money to get the look you want. Here are some easy and cost-effective methods for decorating with art.

1. Match your tastes with your print themes

The options for getting canvas prints these days are simpler. With an almost infinite number of subjects, such as nature prints and abstracts, from which to choose, it will be easy to find something you like. You can even turn your photography into art, though you’ll want to head to a professional digital printer to get the best quality.

2. Look at the colors of your room

While it isn’t necessary to follow one consistent color scheme in a room — including the furniture and art — doing so helps add to the continuity of a room. Even if you choose colors that contrast, there is typically an underlying connective color scheme that can serve as your base.

3. Hang art in unconventional places

Art isn’t just about decorating your space. It’s also about starting conversations. Increase the appeal of a piece of art by hanging your prints in places that might not otherwise be thought of as being an area in which to find art such as along the railing of an indoor balcony.

4. Position your art well

Hanging art in between waist and eye level helps create a wholeness to a room. Another trick you can do to complete a room is to fill its horizontal spaces with as much art as possible.

5. Let the room’s function guide you

The function of a room is likely going to govern your choice of prints. For example, your office will likely have vastly different art than your baby’s nursery. While abstract prints convey professionalism (perfect for an office), nature prints in yellow would have a calming effect on the baby.

6. Take it for a trial run

It can be a bit difficult to envision exactly how a room will look with an art print where you are considering placing it. So skip the visualization and cut pieces of paper to the measurements of the prints you’re planning to use. Tape them to the walls to give you a sense of how it will look.

7. Use meaningful symbols in your art

Artwork is an important way to symbolize those things in life that are important to you. Family members and their achievements, for example, can be forever immortalized on your wall. Again, this is going to be where a professional digital photo printer is going to be the best choice when it comes to value and quality.

Following the above seven steps can help you infuse your home with beautiful artwork. Which idea are you planning to implement right away?