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7 Creative Photography Tricks Anyone Can Master

Whether you are just venturing into the world of photography or you are simply looking to master a few new skills, learning new tricks can feel overwhelming at first. The good news is that you don’t need an expensive studio or the latest piece of tech to create an interesting, creative photo. Incorporate these 7 creative photography tricks into your repertoire and you’ll end up with dazzling photos.

1. Make your own glitter

For any bride-to-be researching engagement photo ideas, the glamor of a kiss in a snowfall is hard to resist. However, arranging for a snowfall at the precise moment of a photo session is downright impossible. The next best thing? Creating your own snowfall.

  • Cut tin foil into tiny pieces
  • Take a handful of the tinfoil “glitter” and toss it in the air above your subject. The light will reflect and create that shimmery new snow effect.

2. Adjust your flash

While natural light provides gorgeous depth and coloring, there are instances when natural light simply cannot be used. Create interesting lighting effects by adjusting the lighting that you do have.

  • Cover your flash with a coffee filter (this will act as a diffuser and soften the light)
  • Use pieces of foam to create your own moveable diffusers

3. Up your selfie game with an underwater selfie

The selfie has come to take its artful place alongside the classic portrait, but the key to a good selfie is creativity. Up your selfie game by taking an underwater selfie. You won’t need scuba gear, but you will need a GoPro.

  • Make sure your camera settings are at 30fps in the burst mode.
  • Dunk the camera repeatedly under the surface of the water.

4. Use a magnifying glass

Macro photography has grown in popularity, especially floral macro photography. A macro lens is usually used to create those gorgeous still lives, but even if you don’t own a macro lens, you can still create this wall-worthy art. Grab a magnifying glass and hold it over the subject; then shoot!

5. Warp the perspective

Fill a clear glass with water and shoot your subject through the glass. For added flair, choose your glass carefully. For instance, a smooth edge or a bumpy texture will add to the character of the final image.

6. Shoot through water drops

The effect of shooting your subject through water drops definitely sounds harder than it actually is.

  • Hold a piece of clear Plexiglas above your subject
  • Sprinkle water drops on the Plexiglas
  • Shoot from above

7. Create a lens flare

In photography, lens flares are common when the sunlight streaks across the lens of the camera; these lens flares can add an artistic quality to the images. Even if the sun is a no-show, you can create your own lens flare in two ways;

  • Hold a flashlight and shine the light down into the lens
  • Hold a lighter in place of the flashlight. Just be careful not to burn yourself or your camera.

Whether you prefer metal or giclee canvas, make sure you print your best work to display in your home or gallery.

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