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5 Ways to Showcase your Giclee Prints

If you’ve created your own giclee prints, you will want to make sure they look as good as they can. You’ll also want to ensure that they are showcased and seen by as many people as possible. If they’re never displayed and seen, then why print them in the first place? Here are five ways to showcase your giclee prints effectively.

1. Make Them Look Their Best with Use Custom Frames

You should always ensure that your giclee prints are framed before you display and showcase them. People will be much more interested in giving your work a chance if they can see that’s it’s presented in a professional manner. When you do frame them, it’s important to use custom frames rather than shop-bought ones. Custom frames tend to look much better, and they fit the size of prints correctly. When that’s done, they should look their best and grab attention more easily.

2. Give Galleries a Reason to Display Your Prints

Getting your art into galleries is always the best way to showcase it. This is where people go to see art, and any artist would love to have their work presented there. It’s something that’s notoriously difficult for artists to achieve, though. You have to apply to the right kinds of galleries that stock the kind of work you create. It’s also important to show galleries why it is that they should display your work.

3. Get a Website

Having a website can be the best way to let people see your work. Although these will only be images of the prints, it can give people the chance to see what your work is all about. There are many ways in which you can use the internet to your advantage as an artist. But you need to focus on creating your website first of all. This can become the central hub that people can refer to if they want to see and buy your art.

4. Make Your Art Easy to See and Buy

Your art should be as easy to see and buy as possible. When people are able to see your work on social media platforms, for example, it could lead them to your website. Many artists now make a living by selling their work on the internet. Make it clear how people can go about doing this. Selling prints is relatively easy because you can create as many of them as is necessary. So, showcase your work in as many noticeable ways as possible to prompt buyers.

5. Enter Art Competitions

Art competitions can offer you an excellent way to give your work a platform. There are so many competitions out there, and the rules and outcomes are different for them all. Some offer cash prizes to people who become winners. And others just allow your work to be displayed and showcased on a public platform. You can also make contacts and meet other artists by doing this. There’s nothing to lose, so give it a try.

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