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5 Ways to Make Photographs Stand Out with Digital Printing

When you want your photographs to stand out from the ordinary picture frame, Baboo Digital can help. We offer several services that can transform your photograph into a work of art that will invite high praise and attention for your creative eye. Here are five ways to make photographs stand out with digital printing.

1. Try Matte C-Prints

Matte C-prints offer a photo printing solution that is neither glossy nor shiny. Matte C-prints are effective at creating an impression because of their complete divergence from traditional photography prints. Matte C-prints work exceedingly well with black and white imagery, although they can be used successfully with color photographs as well. Since matte C-prints are fade resistant and don’t reflect light, they were particularly easy to view in bright, sunlit locations, such as cafes, conservatories, sunrooms or any other area where lighting conditions are challenging.

2. Make it Metallic

For a stunning effect, go metallic with metallic C-prints from Baboo Digital. This photographic paper features a metallic, glossy look that gives your graphic artwork a depth of field that is unlike any other photographic paper. When you have your photos printed as metallic C-prints, your image will have vibrant colors, saturation, and sharpness. This is an excellent way to showcase unique images in a way that looks like they’re printed with metal on paper.

3. Get Duratrans Printing

Duratrans is a Kodak product specially made for professional photographic prints. This translucent film is best for large format prints, when high contrast, sharp, readable text and vivid details are critical for getting your commercial message across. Choose this for branding your business, advertising or displaying large format photos in the lobby of your business enterprise.

4. Go Glossy

Glossy photographic prints offer shine and vibrant colors that complement fine art and commercial media applications. Glossy prints help make your images come alive and enhance the light that is already in your photographs. Digital printing in NYC is often done using glossy printing paper because it’s a tried and true look that works with just about any image.

5. Go Large

When you hire an experienced company like Baboo, you can rely on large-format photo printing being as high quality as if you had it printed as a traditional smaller size. Large-format photographs make a statement in any room, whether it’s your home office, corporate meeting room, banquet hall or wedding reception. When you have your photographic artwork printed in large-format, viewers from across the room can enjoy your work just as easily as close-up viewers, and the image will be as high quality as you want it to be.

You have lots of options for getting digital printing in NYC. But the results will not always be what you might expect. Make sure you choose an experienced printing company like Baboo for all your digital photography printing needs in New York City. Contact us today to find out all the ways we make you look good.

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