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5 Ways to Enhance Your Urban Photography This Winter

February 5, 2018 8:00 am

Despite the frigid temperatures and potentially inclement weather, photographers are no strangers to winter photography. Many winter photographs feature snowy meadows and the picturesque countryside, but the urban setting has much to offer during winter as well. From snowy carriage rides in Central Park to the strong skyline lightly dusted in white powder, an urban scene takes on a whole new feel with winter’s touch. If you’re headed out to into the city, consider these five tips to enhance your urban photography this winter.

1. Keep the vignette – but reverse it!

A photographer is no stranger to the vignette. A typical vignette is brightest at the center of the image and then fades to black on the edges. When shooting your urban winter shots, use the reverse vignette, meaning that instead of fading to black, your image edges will fade to white. This effect is particularly exciting when your shot features a lot of white snow.

2. Don’t be bashful when it comes to color

Urban winter photographs run the risk of featuring a lot of white and gray – dark buildings with a lot of white snow! Create a colorful winter photograph by shooting sunset or sunrise cityscapes. You’ll get a burst of color from the sky, but you won’t lose out on the wonderful snowy aspects that make a winter image so special. When editing your photo, don’t be afraid to let the contrast and highlights of the sky shine through!

3. Don’t be afraid of black and white

Just because winter tends to look dull, don’t shy away from black and white images. A well-edited black and white winter image can create a powerful scene. Enhance your image waiting to shoot your black and white image until twilight. As the sunlight diminishes, there will be a greater contrast between the dark shadows and the white snow. This look is particularly powerful on snow-covered tree branches. Head to Central Park and start snapping!

4. Consider the color of snow

When shooting a snowfall or snowy landscape, snow can sometimes appear off-color (grayish or even blue). To correct this, overexpose the image to get that bright white color. You can adjust the exposure levels even further during the editing process.

5. Print your images

You already know that printing your images is important. After all, it turns your image from a file number on a flash drive into a work of art that can be admired by many. However, if you’ve never tried to a metal print, your winter image is the time to try it. The textured finish of the HD metal print is particularly impressive on the white areas of a photograph, and in a winter scene, any white (snow, ice, etc.) will appear even more impressive.

How can Baboo Digital help you?

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