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5 Tips for Autumn Portrait Photography

October 2, 2015 10:28 am

Autumn is an ideal time for photography of all kinds, from landscape to portrait. The time of changing leaves is especially beautiful in portrait photography. Fall provides the perfect background for pictures of newly engaged couples, happily married newlyweds and loving families bundled up in their sweaters and scarves amid piles of colorful leaves. Take advantage of everything autumn has to offer with these tips for savvy portrait photographers.

Utilize the warmer light

Although days grow shorter in the autumn, the light that shines during the day is warm, golden and full of life. To utilize the warmer light, shoot your portraits in the morning or early evening, but remember that the golden, crimson and amber tones of the leaves breathe life into even the shady areas of your location. Enhance the light and colors of the season by suggesting your clients wear colors found naturally outdoors this time of year as the fall palette works for a variety of backdrops. During autumn, dressing in earth tone reflects the mood of the season and can add depth to portrait photography.

Embrace layers

Clients always want to dress their best during portraits, but that can be challenging during the hot months of summer when that lovely long gown can feel like a wool blanket. Thankfully, the cooler temperatures of fall make it easier and more comfortable for clients to wear their finest clothing such as dress pants, long skirts, tights, sweaters, and boots. Even if it’s not their usual daily look to dress in layers, clients embrace the chance to do so to create a portrait shoot that looks more like a high-end fashion shoot for a magazine.

Play in the leaves

Even grown adults like to play in the leaves sometimes, and it’s a good idea to encourage this during a fall portrait shoot. Traditional poses for portraits can become boring for both photographer and clients, but shots of people throwing leaves at each other, lying in the leaves and tossing the leaves above them break out of the mold and let everyone have fun with the shoot.

Encourage cuddling

While not everyone is into cuddling and may prefer their personal space, using the cooler temperatures as a way to encourage snuggling up can add increased feelings of happiness and warmth to your portrait photography. Even if people are just pretending to enjoy the snuggling, it has a pleasing effect on the pictures, and when the cuddling is genuine, it’s even better!

Get a jump on holiday business

With big holidays just around the corner, fall is the perfect time of year to offer a special or sale on portraits as people start thinking about the holiday cards they’ll be sending out. A great family portrait makes the perfect holiday card, and as long as you don’t overbook yourself, you can benefit on the eagerness of clients to get such a task done early. To keep your workload manageable, try offering shorter portrait sessions with a few, high quality shots so you’re not stuck spending hours editing and your clients don’t feel overwhelmed by a long session and too many pictures to choose from. All you need is that one great shot the client is looking for to achieve a successful fall portrait photography session.

With the amazing light, colorful backdrop and cooler temperature of fall, your portrait photography can experience a lovely pre-holiday season boost. Provide your clients with the highest quality prints and mounting options by utilizing the innovative resources of Baboo Digital.

Featured image by Kei Noguchi