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5 Budget Photography Tips

If you’re interested in entering into the world of photography, but don’t want to go broke doing so, there are some handy tips you can follow to capture great shots on a limited budget. You don’t need all of the latest and most expensive gear to take amazing photographs. Using your smartphone camera is a good way to start, but the cameras on smartphones are still limited by their small image sensors and limited low-light capabilities so it’s best to venture into the world of DSLR or mirrorless cameras. Here are some tips to get you into that world without draining your bank account.

Used equipment

Although the newest, shiniest cameras and gear can be appealing, when they’re outside your budget, you need to be reasonable and remember that a majority of the pictures you’ve seen and admired were taken with older cameras and not the newest models. Buying an older, used camera is a good place to start so you can familiarize yourself with the functions and capabilities of DSLR or mirrorless cameras. You can purchase older cameras capable of capturing stunning photographs for far less money than buying new and this also applies to the corresponding gear including tripods, lenses and flashes. When buying used equipment, purchase from a seller that offers some form of warranty or a trade-in period. You can also sometimes find refurbished equipment from camera manufacturers that include a warranty.

DIY gear

You can purchase various photography accessories used, but you can also save money by making your own DIY versions. DIY versions of tripods and lighting kits won’t hold up to the daily trials of professional photography, but they offer similar functionality that allows you to become familiar with how they work. A quick search online reveals tons of internet articles and videos on making your own equipment and although you won’t get the same results as professional products, you can still capture great images, build your portfolio and obtain additional work that will allow you to eventually purchase better-quality gear.

Use what you have

Chances are the camera you already own is capable of more than you realize. Take the time to go through all the menus and explore the settings and functions on your camera before committing to buying a new on that appears to offer more than your current camera. The idea of sitting down and actually reading the manual that came with your camera may sound tedious, but it’s worth it when you discover the true potential of the gear you’ve been using. If the manual isn’t helpful enough, looking online for videos, reviews and tutorials for your specific camera to gain a better understanding of its capabilities. It’s also important to remember that the most expensive camera in the world doesn’t guarantee a perfect shot every time and that you have to work on your photography skills including focal lengths, composition, lighting, focal lengths, etc. to achieve the best images.

Learn from others

You can enhance and improve your photography skills without purchasing any new gear by simply learning from other photographers. Investigate nearby photography clubs that have regular meetings where members come to share tips and talk about photography with link-minded people. Most photography clubs don’t charge but for those that require a fee, it’s usually reasonable and goes toward having access to better facilities, guest speakers and previews of new equipment. If you can’t find a group nearby, look into online forums and groups where you can learn about the gear you already own, make connections and improving your understanding about the principals of photography.

Take pictures!

This may sound like a no-brainer, but getting out and taking pictures with whatever gear you already have is an easy and budget-friendly way to improve your photography. The more photographs you take and learn from your trials and errors, the better photographer you’ll become and it costs you nothing but some time, patience and perseverance.

Spending thousands of dollars on a new camera, lenses and other gear isn’t necessary to be a great photographer. It’s easy to explore your creativity on a budget and as your work improves, you have the potential to earn income for equipment upgrades when necessary. Baboo Digital can bring out stunning detail and colors in all types of photographs, no matter what camera you used and we work with you to achieve the best results.

Featured image by Martin Martinsson

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