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3D Sidewalk Art that Bewilders the Beholder

March 31, 2015 9:22 am

Creating art that looks so real you think you can reach out and touch a flower or step right into the scene is no easy feat. Now imagine taking that type of talent and applying it to a rather unlikely area: the sidewalk. That’s exactly what talented a rising number of artists now do as they create 2D chalk masterpieces so amazingly 3D, they fool the eye and make people step back in surprise.

Imagine turning a corner and suddenly finding a huge, icy chasm stretching down before you that makes you leap back in fear. Such is the talent of these visual artists as they combine optical illusion and hyperrealism in 3D street art unlike anything seen before. Their artwork is hypnotic, impressive, and bewildering. The hours they spend creating captivating illusions leaves their brushes, hands, knees, and clothing smeared with a rainbow of colors that almost make them part of the artwork. Yet this type of ingenious “mess” is what inspires talented artists to create more and bigger pieces.

Now that certain big name brands are utilizing this unique art form to increase awareness of their products and services, it’s likely that this type of 3D art will be popping up everywhere. Prepare yourself for these awe inspiring masterpieces by viewing some the most mind-bending examples created so far.

Artwork by Tracy Lee Stum

Artwork by Tracy Lee Stum

3D street art by Joel Hill Art

Artwork by Joel Hill Art

Butterflies 3D street art by Tracy Lee Stum

Artwork by Tracy Lee Stum

The Crevasse 3D sidewalk art by Edgar Mueler

The Crevasse by Edgar Mueller

Featured image artwork by Julian Beever