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3 Perfect Options for Large Photo Prints

May 7, 2018 8:00 am

If “a picture is worth a thousand words” just imagine what large photo prints will say to those people who are viewing them! Seeing special moments and events in a large format is a stunning method of capturing a unique and memorable time. While you might think of only a certain type of large photo print, there are a number of different kinds that can provide you with the ability to customize it to your own needs and goals.

1. Large Photo Prints Canvas

Printing your photo on a large canvas instantly gives the subject depth and character. By having your photos printed on canvas, you can elevate it to look like an expensive work of art at a fraction of the cost of real art.

Large Prints for Walls

Large prints for walls provide an exceptional way to decorate your home, office or any other space. Whether you’re looking for a singular large print to dominate a particular wall or you’re trying to make a grouping with the large print as the focal point, large prints for walls are an easy and bold way to do so. Best of all, you’re limited only by your imagination regarding the subject.

2. Metallic C-Prints

A Metallic C-Print takes large photo prints to a whole new level that was previously unattainable. Printed on photographic paper that then utilizes a metallic finish that’s also glossy, metallic c-prints allow for accurate reproduction of color as well as sharp and rich text. Because the metallic photographic paper contains a special pigmentation, the resulting prints have a color saturation, sharpness, and brightness that is unprecedented. These unique qualities produce a visually stunning finished result that is ideal for numerous and diverse applications.

3. Matte and Glossy

Glossy large photo prints have the familiar shiny finish that you probably know. The finish of photographs that are printed using traditional methods, glossy prints delivers sharp and crisp images that support their vibrant colors. It’s easy to see why these prints are popular for a range of fine art, commercial media, and photographic applications.

Matte large photo prints, on the other hand, use paper that is shiny or glossy. This means that the finish has a more subtle visual element to it. Because a matte large photo print has a flat finish, they are ideal for creating a professional look for projects involving commercial media, artwork, and photography. This is particularly true when black and white images are used. Matte prints are also ideal for viewing in a range of light conditions because they don’t reflect the light.

As you can see, choosing a large photo print opens up a range of different options that allow you to customize the result. Working with a professional printer is imperative when you want professional results. Baboo is a long-established printer based in the heart of New York City’s Flatiron District in Manhattan. Contact us when you need professional imaging solutions for a range of applications.