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Now that the holidays are over, what do you intend to do with the beautiful pictures you took? Let them languish on your SIM card? Save them on the cloud and look at them again sometime in the future? Why not turn them into a non-traditional Valentines Day gifts for the people you love? ...

Everything There Is to Know about Acrylic Prints

While photographers and artists have been using acrylic prints for years to display their work, acrylic prints are still a mystery to the general public. It's time to shed a light on what acrylic prints are, the types of acrylic prints available at ...

Your Guide to Pressing and Framing Fall Foliage

People from all over the world plan trips to visit some of the most beautiful places for fall foliage, taking photos and an appreciation for the outdoor experience. While you can certainly frame your favorite photos of the leaves and trees, you can also go home with this natural artwork to preserve ...

Customer Testimonials

“Baboo is unique in general and essential for creative types who NEED everything but don’t know what it is until we contact Baboo. Like I said: Essential!” – John H. Johnson

“Deepak and team offer expertise, great service, reliable delivery – I trust them with anything important.” – Neel Pahlajani

“You guys were really helpful getting my painting scanned, and even more helpful when I forgot to pick-up the original for a month… it was still there waiting for me! Much appreciated.” – Hunter Giles

“The scans of my highly detailed drawings were dead on and the color, a true match. Can’t wait to see how the giclee prints turn out. Many thanks.” – Kellie Murphy

“I loved the service! We love Baboo and the team Great guys and very talented!!” – Tom

“I love working with the “team” I have used for a few years. Joe is an amazing printer who understands my eye, and the colour / balance in my work” – Joy

“The Baboo team provides quality product and personal service” – Sue

“I loved the service! Outstanding finished product- highly recommend to anyone looking for professional large scale prints. Customer service was terrific – Doug is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful crafting expert detail into our prints. Best Meg and Ryan Silva” – Meg & Ryan Silva