Top 6 Incredible Benefits Of Metal Prints

metal prints aluminium

Some people assume that they can only get text, graphics, and photos printed onto paper and vinyl.However, one can create stunning art backdrops with metal printing! Here at Baboo Digital, we offer an HD metal printing service. So, how does it work? All artwork first gets printed onto transfer paper. This then gets attached to a coated aluminum sheet. Next, … Read More

The Many Different Options Of Signs And Graphics

signs graphics options

There’s no denying that signs and graphics help convey messages to specific audiences. We use those two elements in a variety of creative ways to attract and entice people. We also use them to offer help and information. The trouble is, some people aren’t aware of the options available when it comes to signs and graphics. Having the right visual … Read More

Drum Scans, Kodak Scan, And Flat Art Scans, Oh My!

drum kodak flat art scans

These days, we live in a digital age. When we take a photograph, it gets stored on a memory card in our cameras. Of course, that wasn’t always the case. It was once commonplace to record photos onto film. And it’s something that many photographers still do today. There is often a need to transfer images from those analog storage … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Giclee Printing

giclee printing digital inkjet

Giclee printing is a term used to describe a form of digital or inkjet printing. It’s a great way for artists to create and sell art and is advantageous for several reasons. In today’s post, we’re going to reveal some of the best benefits of using giclee printing processes. Let’s get started right away. Longevity First of all, giclee printing … Read More

How the Digital Age is Reshaping Photography

digital reshaping photography

Photography is enjoying one of its biggest boom periods ever. It is accessible to just about anyone, and we are currently a long way from the early days of the artform. It’s amazing how quickly this has occurred. Just over a century ago, photography was a serious experience. You only have to see old photos of people posing in a … Read More

Digital Photo Prints: An Excellent Choice for Home Décor

digital print home decor

Looking for inspiration for your next home decoration project? If so, you might want to consider using photo prints you have taken with your camera, blowing them up, and framing them. It’s becoming a lot more popular these days, for a variety of reasons. We’re going to spend today’s post going through some of the many benefits of taking your … Read More

Are Digital C-prints the Best Option for Your Artwork?

chromogenic c-prints

Before you turn your photographs into prints, you need to consider your options. There are a few choices you might consider to make printouts of your photos. One of the popular options is to get C-prints. This method of printing can be used on a variety of materials, including matte and glossy paper, metallic paper, and Duratrans film. C-prints are … Read More

Giclee Printing NYC: Top Reasons to Use Baboo Digital’s Giclee Printing

giclee printing nyc

If you’re an artist, whether professional or casual, printing your work has many advantages. You can sell it, use it for shows, or display it in you home. If you want to print your artwork, you need to research the different options you have available. In NYC, you can find a range of printing services that use various materials and … Read More

Metal Prints Look Like They’re From The Future

metal prints

Trying to make it in the world of art & photography can be tough. Everyone wants to create the best pieces, get the most exposure, and make lots of money. There’s loads of competition out there, and things are getting even harder in modern times. Photography equipment is getting cheaper and cheaper. This means that more and more people are … Read More

Why Every Restaurant in NYC Needs Good Signage

nyc restaurant signage

Owning a restaurant in NYC can be a tricky business. There will be loads of competition trying to steal your customers. However, there’s one thing that can make a huge difference. Good signage can be the difference between an average restaurant and a great one. You don’t believe us, do you? Well, allow us to explain why every restaurant in … Read More