Why You Should Choose Giclee Over Other Forms of Printing

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When you’re printing your art, you usually have two options: lithograph prints or giclee. Though lithograph prints can be more affordable and faster to print, giclee printers are of a much superior quality. Artists and photographers who want to showcase their work are almost always better off choosing giclee prints. Giclee Prints Are Superior in Quality It is inarguable that … Read More

What is Astrophotography and How Can I Participate?


The mysterious night sky with its star-studded landscape has captured the interest of people across the globe for thousands of years. Sailors used the night sky to guide their ships at night while other ancient groups used the constellations to tell stories. Others still simply gaze at the stars while contemplating the cosmos. There’s no denying the magnificent beauty of … Read More

Virtual Reality – The Next Frontier in Art

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One of art’s greatest functions is to drive culture forward by pushing the boundaries of what’s accepted and finding new frontiers to explore. As technology grows by leaps and bounds, art is furthering itself as it usually does by exploring the world of virtual reality. New tools from companies like Google are helping artists express themselves in new mediums without … Read More

8 Tips on Snapping that Perfect Winter Picture

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As winter approaches, photographers begin their yearly quest to capture iconic winter pictures of the soft snowfall, icy frost, and frozen lakes. Both the rural and urban photographers have ample opportunities to snap the perfect winter picture, but these eight tips will take their outdoor photography to the next level. Capture the brightest snows As any skier knows, sometimes snow … Read More

How to Capture the Perfect Family Portrait for the Holidays

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As the holidays approach, families are busy planning parties and get-togethers. Between the cookies, eggnog, and presents, there will undoubtedly be a photo or two to commemorate the festivities. However, because some families are very large, snapping the perfect family portrait isn’t always easy. Follow these tips, and you’ll be sure to have a photograph everyone will be proud to … Read More

5 Ways to Make Photographs Stand Out with Digital Printing

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When you want your photographs to stand out from the ordinary picture frame, Baboo Digital can help. We offer several services that can transform your photograph into a work of art that will invite high praise and attention for your creative eye. Here are five ways to make photographs stand out with digital printing. 1. Try Matte C-Prints Matte C-prints … Read More

Transform your Artwork into a Stunning Masterpiece with Giclee Printing

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Giclee (pronounced Zee-clay) is a form of printing artwork that allows artists and hobbyists to showcase their original art in its finest form. Giclee is the most technologically advanced form of art printing available today. With Giclee printing, you can transform your artwork into a stunning masterpiece to be enjoyed by you, your friends and family, or the public at … Read More

How Should You Choose a Mat Color?

mat framing

When you decide that it is time to frame one of your favorite pictures or pieces of art, one of the most important things you need to choose is the mat color. For many people, choosing a mat color is a bit of a daunting task simply because there are so many colors available. There are many different methods you … Read More

Reasons You Need To Have A Sign Outside Your Business

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Having signage outside of your business is crucial. While most people think of getting a neon sign for their store front, this is not the only type of signage you should have outside of your business. There are many other kinds of signs you can use to generate business and showcase sales or deals. Here are some reasons to consider … Read More

Part 3: Optimize your Gallery with Wall Graphics

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If you want your gallery to stand out and attract attention, you should consider using wall graphics. Wall graphics can be utilized for smaller decals or to completely cover the wall. It depends on your needs and requirements. We’ve got some great ideas on how to optimize your gallery using wall graphics and make an impact. Create A Work Of … Read More